Curcuma 500 (60caps)

500mg Curcumin C3 Complex® + Εκχύλισμα μαύρου πιπεριού (BioPerine®)

Η κουρκουμίνη(Curcumin) είναι μια υπερτροφή, με σημαντικά οφέλη για το σώμα και τον εγκέφαλό σας:

  • Είναι φυτικό αντιοξειδωτικό
  • Έχει αντιφλεγμονώδεις ιδιότητες  
  • Ενισχύει τις αρθρώσεις και το ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα
  • Μπορεί να μειώσει τον κίνδυνο καρδιακών παθήσεων

Είναι ιδανικό συμπλήρωμα για αθλητές, ηλικιωμένους, αλλά και για οποίον χρειάζεται μια φυσική ενίσχυση του οργανισμού του 

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Anti-inflammatory + strong antioxidant properties

  • Curcumin C3 Complex®
  • black pepper extract (BioPerine®)

Curcuma 500 is a combination of 500 mg of the standardized and clinically proven special extract Curcumin C3 Complex® and black pepper extract (BioPerine®).

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric plant (Curcuma longa), which is a traditional component of various spice mixtures. However, curcumin is not exceptionally bioavailable if we just eat turmeric on its own. This is why in Curcuma500, Curcumin is extracted from the roots of the turmeric plant and is used as a food supplement standardized to the curcuminoid active ingredient it contains. The mix is completed by black pepper extract which enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%, making it substantially more effective.

The valuable properties of curcuminoids have been known for a long time, since curcuma has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. Modern science confirms that curcumin has major benefits for your body and brain.

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